lunedì 14 giugno 2010

My nail is broken... again!!! ;(


Used products:
base: Essence Moonlight n.02 Into The Night & Essence Multidimension n.19 Rock 'n' Roll
pattern: China Glaze Devotion & Wet n Wild - Wild Shine in Black Crème
plate: konad m71, large plate H16

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ART OF NAIL ha detto...

i love your nails.. gorgeous as usual!
the design is very cool! i like silver and black!@

Alice ha detto...

cavolo mi spiace!! come è successo? dai hai camuffato bene :)

susies1955 ha detto...

Really cool.
:) I'm your 101st follower. :)

Lily nail ha detto...

love this mani :)
i have a giveaway come on see if you want :)

serena_nuvola ha detto...

thanks girls!! I created this manicure for a wedding, my dress was black and silver and, of course, also my nails had to be perfect... but the nail is broken while dancing ;(

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